Roast Chicken & Chips

Chicken On Lygon: This is run by a lady whose grand daughter is Coeliac. She is so knowledgable and has one half of the kitchen dedicated to gluten free foods and preparation so there is zero cross contamination issues. The chip fryer is separate, all the chickens are stuffed with rice and are all gf. They even use quinoa flour on items that are crumbed – we can eat pretty much everything here!!

Nandos: Thanks to the coeliac community on Facebook, I was tipped off abouts Nandos and now I’ll be making it a regular spot! They have a full allergies list and instead of saying what is gluten free, they state what contains gluten… You can also search on their extensive website. The only thing cooked in the fryer are potatoe chips and sweet potato chips. I had the tenders and all the saucers are gf. They were very diligent with CC and you can see the chef and kitchen too.



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