Hamilton Island


This little slice of heaven! I visited Hamilton Island a year ago and it was a huge milestone in my coeliac journey and recovery back into health. The walks and climbs that are available were beautiful and the only way to see the views is by going up… I did 10 min walks some days and 40 min walks the others. On one of them, I came across an Orgran sticker, very symbolic at the time. Here’s the pic that’s on my Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 1.47.30 PM

You can order Coles delivery from Airlie Beach as well as from the most amazing grocery store The Prickly Pineapple:


The General Store on the island stocked Zehnder (a Queensland based bakery) and they had frozen breads as well as brownies. There was a lot of choice here and not too expensive but for cooking at home I’d suggest ordering bulk vegetables from the mainland. We took a lot of picnics on our walks.

Fish and Chips at Popeyes: the hot chips were cooked in a separate fryer. I didn’t eat any sea food but they were very knowledgable about coeliacs so it would be worth asking them about the grill.

Marina Cafe: I fell in love with their smoothies, they made an avocado one when I was there. I also bought their salads often as they were hearty, bit and perfect for the hot weather.

TAKO: My FAVOURITE restaurant on the island. It’s mexican and soooo much gluten free food. Cross contamination wasn’t an issue, all their tacos are corn based and I could eat majority of the menu. I’m pretty sure kids eat free here too but make sure you get in early because it’s very busy!

I didn’t eat at the pizza shop but they did offer a gf base. We went to Bommie Deck at the Yacht Club for sunset drinks and they had antipasto platters on offer too.

Overall, I found it really simply to be a Coealic at Hamilton Island. Enjoy the magical sunsets.




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