Bali – The Coeliac Bali Bible

I visited Bali in January and here is a list of the places we ate out at in Ubud and Seminyak:


Bambu Indah –  They are very knowledgable, I stayed for a few days and loved the food. I had nasi goring, raw lasagne, papaya salad, cocktails, fruit and when I go back I’ll be ordering the Kale & Egg dish. The operate as a garden to table, sustainable restaurant and you dine in a bamboo building right new to the veggie patch.
Bali buda – vegetarian cafe – fallafal wrap in nori roll, spring rolls, knowledgable, has an explanation of what coeliac can’t eat in their menu
Seniman cafe – coffee boutique roaster, didn’t eat but the coffee was great 🙂
Clear cafe – delicious egg white omelet, juice, view and good menu choices
Pomegranate cafe – not much choice, didn’t understand coeliac, had sticky rice in banana leaf and it was a huge walk to get there.
Potato Head – all main food is gluten free with 2 exceptions on the appetiser menu. Lovely, like Chin Chin or Long Grain (Melb restaurants) food with amazing setting for sun set and cocktails. Highly recommend this one!
Sea circus – Mexican taqueria in town. Educated, choice of a few tacos and ceviche. Had fish and chicken on corn tortilla (also have flour but they clean the griller each time)
Mosaic – had the barramundi which was nice and the staff were knowledgable
La Cassinga – best gluten free pasta I’ve had, prepared by Italians and they even have it on the menu out the front. Amazing sauce, had chilli Napoletana and eggplant. Huge serve but it was too delicious to leave any 🙂
Found there to be a lot of option. Menus usually had a lot of Gluten Free food. I found it hard to communicate the strictness with cc but I never got sick from cross contamination so must have been prepared well.
I’ll be going back again at the end of the year and am looking forward to not having to worry about eating out!
Potato Head Bali

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