Yarra Valley

Melettos & Stones – Yarra Valley

A beautiful setting, with gluten free cider (no cross contamination) and a decent menu that is clearly marked with GF options.

Sadly, the options include nothing substantial for lunch apart from a steak or whole fish. The rest of the menu is delicious pizza (no gf option for a base). Other options wear cured meats, little plates and salads. I had the smoked salmon, potato salad and poached egg which was a small sized entre (nibble size really- the potato was half a chat diced) and I added a rocket and pear salad for extra as I knew this wouldn’t be filling.

It was nice but I have to say I’m pretty sick of paying a lot of money for tiny portions and non-substainatial foods. Just because we can’t eat gluten doesn’t mean you can’t feed us, just be a bit more creative please!

Did I get sick: NO… was I hungry after, yes.

Tarrawarra – Healsville

A beautiful setting for wine tasting and afternoon cheese. I BYO’d my own biscuits as I wasn’t relying on them having GF options. The cheese was amazing and it did come out with GF bread, I was pleasantly suprised!

Did I get sick: NO


Image source: TarraWarra Estate Instagram

Boat O’Craigo – Yarra Valley

I’ve started to notice I get sick after drinking red wine… does this happen to anyone else? I read that it occurs when you’re newly diagnosed and your gut is healing. Let’s hope it doesn’t last forever because some of these wines smelt delicious!
On my 2nd trip to the Yarra Valley I mainly tried sparkling wines and had a delicious charcuterie platter at Boat O’Craigo. The staff were so understanding about GF and even had the tastiest GF biscuits. They were from Greece and blended with oregano and feta (bought from Coles they said).

Did I get sick: NO


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