Teta Mona – Brunswick East

I looooove Lebanese food, every thing about it – the flavours, spices, legumes, sauces. Teta Mona is a tiny little shop front on the busy stretch of Lygon St and inside is a quaint cafe serving some of Melbournes best Lebanese.

I usually try to speak to a waitress when I walk in, a no-fuss chat to suss out if I can eat dinner. On this occasion with my 2 best primary school friends and I found I could eat majority of the menu! Anything with pita bread, they replaced with carrots & cucumber and the food is stunning. We had dips, fava bean salad (my favourite), beef balls, fried eggplant and cauliflower, green bean salad and more. It’s reasonably priced, about $25 each for dinner including an iced mulberry drink. It’s BYO wine as well. I can’t recommend it enough and the staff were so understanding of coeliacs and in control!

Did I get sick: NO
Strict with Cross Contamination measures: Yes



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