Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road

One of my favourite places in the world. I will continue to update this thread as I try more places in Apollo Bay.

Great Ocean Road Brewhouse – Apollo Bay Top Pub

The beer for all you non-coeliacs is amazing, such a huge beer-menu and all brewed locally. For us coeliacs, the apple cider is crisp, refreshing and well, best I’ve had.
Food wise, I try not to eat here because it’s a typical pub with heaps of chips, parmas ect.
On this occasion, it was family time and so off we went. We had a great waitress who checked everything with the chefs, mind you I did have to tell her I was “super gluten free. Please use different tongs.” This is my go-to line when I see the blank look of ‘what’s coeliacs?’
On the menu they have 3 gf options – one included beer battered chips (yeah sure that’s gluten free), option 2 was lamb koftas and the third was steak. I opted for the koftas and had the waitress tell me shortly after checking with the chef that they contain COUSCOUS. I swapped my meal, had roasted potatoes and salad and still was sick after… From now on I will stick to the cider (see note below)!

Update: after contacting the brewery it turns out their cider contains traces of gluten due to cross contamination… 

Did I get sick: YES

Dooleys Ice Cream

I frequent this often as it is delicious, creamy and made with local milk from a nearby dairy. They have won numerous awards, have a range of unusual flavours like chestnut but my go-to is of course chocolate.
They colour code their ice creams with stickers so you know which ones are gluten free (a lot of them are). When I asked them if they used sugar or glucose syrup derived from wheat they looked at me like I was crazy… I appreciated it because yes, ice cream should be made with sugar!

Did I get sick: NO, Never

ice cream
Source: Dooley’s Facebook Page
Hot Chips
There was a place up on the edge of the pier, but now there is no where in town using a separate fryer for gluten free foods.

Sandy Feet Health Food Cafe
I haven’t eaten here, but I know they have a lot of gluten free foods. Their cabinet is full of salads, frittatas, sweet treats and heaps more.

Hello Coffee – Industrial Estate
Best coffee in town, roasted in the back of their shed in the industrial estate which they’ve also converted into a ‘Melbourne-style’ cafe. The usually have a cake or two that are gluten free but the coffee is the main reason to visit.
Visit their site here: www.hellocoffee.com.au

The Shoppe – Lavers Hill

Initally, we were going to leave as the only GF option was a frittata which was sitting next to pies and pastry items – crumbs everywhere! When I mentioned it to the waitress she told me that they can make me a toasted sandwich in GF bread, on a clean grill with paper underneath for extra caution. Needless to say we stayed and I was so happy – roast veggies, pesto, hummus and feta. I’d make this a stop for sure if you’re heading to the 12 apostles. facebook.com/The-Shoppe-599520706741864/

Did I get sick: NO

Recommended accommodation: Old Tuxion Cottage, find it at www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/8241783

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.10.26 PM
Source – Old Tuxion Cottage Apollo Bay

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