Dumplings – Gluten Free Melbourne

I thought I’d never have dumplings again… I’ve heard tales of olden-day China, where ladies would use yam flour instead of wheat to make the dumpling cases. To me, in modern day Melbourne, I doubt I will ever find that but I can dream (and search for yam flour).

I happened upon Red Door’s Menu and noticed they offer Gluten Free dumplings, so I called them and they said they use rice flour for most of their cases (similar to a lot of Yum Cha places). Here goes the Dumpling Thread!

Red Door Antiques and Yum Cha – McIlwrick St, Windsor off Chaple St

The interior of this restaurant is amazing, antique Chinese furniture everywhere! And you can book, which is becoming a rarity!
The menu is large with so so so many gluten free options and they bring you your own soy sauce. The rice dumplings are nice, with more  of a sticky casing that what I’m used to – they were all steamed not fried.
A couple of hiccups were that they brought me vinegar (I love my soy sauce & vinegar mix for dumplings) which listed wheat as the second ingredient… Needless to say, it was lucky that I checked and I was quite disappointed! Also, they had crossed out the “Gluten Free” label on some menus but not all… it’s either GF or it’s not, I think they need to re-print!

Did I get sick: NO
Strict with Cross Contamination measures: Yes

Check out the menu here: www.reddooryumcha.com/menu#foodmenu

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.15.12 PM
Prawn and Crab Gluten Free Dumpling


8D House – 1369 Toorak Rd, Camberwell (more like Ashburton)

Firstly, you HAVE to go here! My mind was blown away with how fantastic the dumplings were!
To sum it up, it isn’t the best looking restaurant but they have it right by focusing on the quality of their food. With an extensive menu, most dumplings come GF anyway and they also do catering for parties big and small. Sunday’s offer an ‘all you can eat’ for $25 but we ordered a heap of dumplings for 4 people and it was still cheap.
The dumplings were everything a dumpling should be – nice crisp casing, juicy meats and a really lovely veggie option too. There was no issue with coeliacs and cross contamination, they knew all about it.

Did I get sick: NO
Strict with Cross Contamination measures: Yes

Find these guys here or on menulog: www.8dhouse.com.au

Juicy Dumplings – 350 Chaple St,  Corner of Chaple St & Malvern Rd

This was one of those nights where I spent an hour trawling through the internet trying to find nearby gluten free dumplings and it turned out they were a 10 min walk away!
Juicy Dumplings are just that, juicy and so so good! They have a ‘normal’ variety and then 2 choices for gluten free- pork and chive or chicken and prawn.
When I called up to order, I asked for gluten free and she said “let me check with the chef if we can cook them now” which I took as great knowledge about cross contamination! You can dine in here, it’s nothing fancy but traditional and BYO wine. I loved them, certainly going back!

Did I get sick: NO
Strict with Cross Contamination measures: Yes

Find their menu here: www.zomato.com/melbourne/juicy-dumplings-prahran/menu#tabtop

Edit: I’ve made this my monthly dumpling restaurant. Can’t get enough!

Mao Please Dumplings – around 202 Little Bourke Street, China Town

This is a dream come true! Traipsing through the city on a Friday night, I’d given up on finding somewhere safe to eat so we popped into a restaurant on China Town that we walked past and hoped for the best. As it turned out, they had GLUTEN FREE DUMPLINGS on the menu! Steamed or fried and hands down the best one’s I’ve eaten so far. $13 for a plate and they were so delicious. Can’t wait to go back!

Did I get sick: NO
Strict with Cross Contamination measures: Yes

Find the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MAO-Please/1730364387214999

Bowl Bowl – Smith St, Collingwood

They have 1 gluten free chicken dumpling on the menu as well as a sweet dessert option. It is well worth the trip here though, such an authentic, delicious casing and juicy!! They steam them so there is no cross contamination at all and have a whole tray of gluten free sauces to use.

Did I get sick: NO
Strict with Cross Contamination measures: Yes



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  1. Always a Mum says:

    Great find. I look forward to taking my son there in February. Keep the recommendations coming.


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