Hanoi Hannah

It’s alway busy at Hanoi Hannah, so we usually pick up a bite from the Express Lane and sit outside – it’s only 2 doors up the road. They serve the same food, just less on the menu (easier decisions for me!).

I’ve had the rice paper rolls, vermicelli salad with chicken and rare beef salad (without the sesame crackers). It’s delicious food and no extra cost for gluten free, just make sure you tell that you’re Coeliac as they omit some sauces and usually make fresh rice paper rolls.

One mistake they made with me was to add fried shallots on top of my vermicelli salad. I’ve had enough Asian meals to know that these guys are bad news! Restaurants add them a lot as a garnish obviously without checking if they are safe – majority of them ‘contain gluten’ when you read the back of the packet.
Don’t be afraid to send meals back, I did at Hanoi Hannah and the server was apologetic and made me a fresh meal. She also said that they ‘might contain gluten’ which I though was a bit silly since I had told them I’m coeliac not just jumping on the fad-diet bandwagon…

Did it make me sick: NO (but nearly)



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