Sushi Thread

Sushi Sushi Sushi… this has to be one of my favourite foods. Sadly, when I was diagnosed with Coeliacs I found out a few things that made eating any sushi quite difficult. Firstly, stay clear of those little fish soy sauce bottles as they contain gluten. I buy Spiral Organic Tamari (Tamari is pure soy sauce as it should be with no fillers like gluten or added salt). Secondly, some brands that sell Nori sheets (seaweed) add gluten – don’t ask me why! Here is a list of traditional Japanese restaurants that I go to for my sushi fix:

Zen Japanese – Hawthorn
I usually go for the sushi and sashimi platter, california roll, nigiri, edamame, salmon chan chan yaki (not all at once because the servings are huge) . They make sure I have separate soy sauce and it’s no hassle at all.

Did I get sick: NO

Suzuran – Camberwell
This is the leading Japanese grocer in Melbourne with a takeaway kitchen attached. If you’re looking for pantry items, find it all here – soy, fresh fish, rice, nori, everything! Their takeaway Sushi is delicious and gluten free (just make sure you have your own soy sauce as they only have little fish bottles).

Did I get sick: NO

Sushi Sushi – Melbourne
I choose not to eat from Sushi Sushi for many reasons though I know they are convenient. They have had many health and hygiene related issues in the past and I don’t find the quality great. They do offer gluten free sauce (purple caps) and some handrolls.


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