Pizza – Authentic Italian Style

I’m talking gourmet pizza, not Crust or Pizza Hut. I have a love affair with Italian style pizza, with buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, home made passata…

Obviously, being Coeliac now makes it harder to share pizzas and try delicious flavours… but I have found that these pizzeria’s take it seriously just like the Italian’s – they don’t want people to miss out on something delicious and so they cater for it, and they do it well!

Ladro – Gertrude St, Prahran

I have been here a number of times after hearing amazing recommendations from fellow coeliac’s. The base is SO GOOD! Best one yet I think. The sizing is perfect, you look at it and think it’s a bit small but it’s perfectly satisfying, you don’t feel super full after, just happy!
I have had Margherita (A+), San Daniele (on a white base, no tomato but surprisingly my favourite) and Margherita with prosciutto and rocket (the closest to Doc’s San Daniele).
Average price is $17.5-25 with an extra few $ for GF base.

Did I get sick: NO

Baby Pizza – Church St, Richmond

Delicious, great home made base, thick passata and HUGE size.
I really enjoyed this, it was a sourdough base and wonderful. I ordered on a busy Saturday night and the prices are higher than most – $25 for a pizza and with the GF base, it comes to $32.50. Yep. Lucky for them it’s yum.

Did it make me sick: YES
I have called the restaurant to pass this on the chefs, they said that while it’s busy things can get cross-contaminated. Not good enough I’m afraid!

Lucky Coq – Chaple St, Windsor

At most hours of the day it’s $4 pizza at Lucky Coq (bump this up to $6.50 for Gluten Free). The mince lamb is so good, pumpkin not so great. The bases are pretty yum, crusty but small. Still filling though!
I would recommend it!

Did I get sick: NO

Rupert on Rupert – Rupert St, Collingwood

Wood fired, oven dried tomatoes and pretty good base. Their pizza’s are really good, not on Ladro’s level but definitely worth going to! They have a range of toppings but I went with the Margherita and it didn’t disappoint.

Did I get sick: No

Lazer Pig – Peel St, Collingwood

We went here for a friends dinner in which they bring out heaps of pizzas – I was the only GF and they brought me 3! I was in heaven – margarita, prosciutto and a broccoli one. The base was amazing, I had it for breakfast the next day too.

Did I get sick: No

Henry and the Fox – City

The wait staff were very helpful and knowledgable about coealiac’s ensuring me the kitchen is pretty safe and clean. Unfortunately, the pizza was a disspointment. A bought-in frozen base that was soggy in the most part. The cheese was tasteless and it was an extra $5 for GF base (the menu doesn’t mention this, nor does it mention what us coeliacs can eat).

Did I get sick: Yes

Pizza-Margherita Gluten Free
Pizza-Margherita Gluten Free

Shawcross Pizza – Fitzroy

We ordered this take away via online (risky I know!). I left a little note saying it’s for a coeliac so please use clean knifes ect. I’m happy to say I didn’t get sick and it was pretty yummy! Not Italian style like I usually enjoy, I opted for a bit of meat – lamb and olives. They do late night pizza too, if you’re after a slice post-dance.

Did I get sick: NO

Red Olives Pizza – Fitzroy

Sitting at Monty’s bar in Fitzroy with a Spritz, we noticed you can order wood-fired pizzas from Red Olives restaurant which is next door. Surely, you’ve noticed by now, I’m a margarita fan and this one was amazing. The base was very nice, even my non-coeliac friend who I shared it with enjoyed it. It was an extra $4 but super delicious!

Did I get sick: NO

Rita’s – Abbotsford

I have to say, this base wasn’t that fabulous but it had a nice topping and they deliver it across the road to Lulie St Tavern (you can bring your dog here!!)

Did I get sick: NO

Santoni – Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

Santoni is a really lovely venue with a rooftop and 3 levels of restaurant. The GF pizza base isn’t home made but it is delicious and they take care in cross contamination. I’ve had it twice now, a range of toppings and it’s safe to eat and delicious!

Did I get sick: NO

Pizza Religion – Hawthorn East

Tucked away in the backstreets of Hawthorn East, this little pizza joint makes pretty great GF pizzas! It’s my go-to for takeaway, they have gourmet toppings and a classic margarita with little cherry tomatoes on top.

Did I get sick: NO

Buono Gluten Free Pizza Base and Flour – online and at some restaurants here

I can’t express just how amazing this dough mix is. I used to love making my own pizzas and cooking them in our wood fire stove. We’d make passata, top it with fresh mozzarella, basil and oregano…it was so fun!
When I went to the Gluten Free Expo in Melbourne, one of the stands was Buono and they were kneading their dough in front of us, cooking it and serving it straight away. Hands down, better than some of the ‘non-gluten-free’ pizza’s I’ve had.
The dough mix includes yeast and is enough to make 3 pizzas. Keep an eye on their website as I imagine they will be selling it to numerous restaurants in Victoria very very soon!

Did I get sick: NO

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.41.35 AM
Buono Gluten Free Dough Mix – image source

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Always a Mum says:

    Dear Coeliac in Melbourne. .. keep blogging. My coeliac teenager is moving from Townsville to Melbourne for uni in 2016. He will need a few tips on eating out in Melbourne and where to buy gf pantry items besides from woolworths and coles. He has gf nailed here in townsville and living at home but shared accommodation in a new city… well just say it is going to be a challenge. Joanne


  2. tonyandalbas says:

    Looks wonderful my pizza restaurant agrees with this posting!


    1. nikshim says:

      Thank you, I’ll be heading you way next time I’m in CA!


  3. Always a Mum says:

    I have just found your blog and as I have my teenage coeliac moving to Melbourne in 2016 for university studies and am looking forward to more posts by you. Thank you for this wonderful data base and resource you are putting together. Joanne


    1. nikshim says:

      Hey Joanne, thanks for your comment.
      I’ll be updating my posts as I go so keep an eye on my page – there is so much opportunity in Melbourne for Coeliac’s, it’s just sometimes a challenge finding the goodies you need outside of the big supermarkets like you say. Wholefood stores and independent supermarkets are dotted around Melbourne so your son will be sure to find options when he moves down here. How exciting!


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