Moroccan Soup Bar – Fitzroy North

One of my first thoughts when I was diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease was that I wouldn’t be able to eat Moroccan Soup Bar’s Chickpea Bake: one of the best things on this earth! I was amazed when I went to eat there at their response to being coeliacs: “of course we cater to it, we have so much you can have”. I was so happy! We ordered the banquet and they brought me my own plates: dips with carrot sticks, lentil stews, delicious rice pilaf and CHICKPEA BAKE (minus the pita bread)!
Needless to say, I was so full, so happy and amazed with their service and attentiveness considering they were super busy on a Friday night.

The big moment was to come after, would it make me sick? Who knows what happens in the kitchen… and it didn’t. I was about to explode from Moroccan overload but not sick afterwards and not sick the following day!
If you haven’t been there, put it at the top of your list! And great news, they’re expanding to East Brunswick in October 2015!

Did I get sick: NO

Photo credit: Marina Oliphant
Photo credit: Marina Oliphant from Good Food


Moroccan Delicacy

This is the little sister store to Moroccan Soup Bar in Brunswick East. They sell dips, olives, labne, canned beans, hot nuts as well as a sit down cafe. Their coffee looks pretty special, not your usual latte, and they offer just one plate per lunch. This plate is a mixed plate – similar to what they offer at the Soup Bar – but orientated towards lunch so salads, beans, falafel and all vegetarian of course.
They’re so clued in about allergies and take it upon themselves to ask every time they take an order – there’s no hassle, they just substitute it with something you can eat. When I ordered the dips, the owner Hannah came out and guided me through what was delicious (all of it) and which dip’s contained gluten (only 2 out of the 5).

Did I get sick: NO



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