Bayte – Collingwood

I went to Bayte after hearing some great reviews and reading their Lebanese menu. Lebanese is one of my favourite cuisines and so I was super excited to try this restaurant. After explaining that I had coeliacs, I was unimpressed at their service – most wait staff that I trained with and have come across, go out of their way to cater to people’s diets and allergies. I noticed that the staff here couldn’t care less. They gave no alternative to pita bread when we ordered hummus and suggested that I order something else off the menu to have along with it instead. This is not a coeliac’s dream – being told to pay more in order to eat what you’ve ordered.
I was also not told which menu items I could or couldn’t eat, and they weren’t indicated on the menu.
The meal itself was too salty, but I was certain that I managed to avoid all gluten – a success! Not really, as shortly after I became sick and it took me 2 days to get over it.
I would suggest this restaurant to people choosing to avoid gluten, but not to coeliacs.

Find it here:

Did I get sick: YES


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