Ice Cream : Thread

Kicking off the blog is… Pidapipo Gelateria on Lygon St, Carlton.

I want to start by saying that I live with a very low sugar diet but sometimes you need a little gelato!
The service here is great, the range of gelato is huge but above all, they make their gelato the traditional way. Each batch is made fresh daily and you can watch them make it – do I feel sick after eating there, never!

Make this your next ice cream stop (they also do take away tubs!)

Did I get sick: NO

Messina Gelato – Smith St & Richmond.

They have a sign saying that they can’t guarantee it’s safe for any one with allergies and let’s just say don’t bother. For all they know their glucos syrup is derived from wheat, but they couldn’t be more useless!

Did I get sick: YES

Joylati– Chaple St, Prahran

This is pretty delicious ice cream which a whole range of flavours. Most are gluten free except the one’s with biscuits in it. The base is made with sugar not gluten so yippy for us!
BONUS: they have gluten free cones!
I had chocolate and chunky hazlenut, highly recommend it!

Did I get sick: NO
Find them online here: 


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