Baked Eggs Thread

Golden Child – Glen Iris: delicious with 4 beans & eggplant. They offer gf bread too New Day Rising – Brunswick East: so yummy and filling, I wanted it to last forever! Gf bread options too Is It Cafe – Prahran: Delicious and super filling!   Advertisements

Pho Chu The – Abbotsford

This was our go-to Pho spot and so I went back, hoping for the best. They made a gluten free version with vermicelli noodles instead of the flat ones, equally as delicious! I ordered the chicken but I’m sure the veggie & beef would be fine for Coeliacs too. Did it make me sick: NO

Beer – this is the go to beer thread

Here’s a list of one’s that I have tried: – O’Brians (Australia) – St Peter’s (England) – Celia (Premium Czech Lager) – Schnitzer Bräu (German Lager) – Wilde (Australia) Image source: Wilde Gluten Free Beer Instagram  

Moroccan Soup Bar – Fitzroy North

One of my first thoughts when I was diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease was that I wouldn’t be able to eat Moroccan Soup Bar’s Chickpea Bake: one of the best things on this earth! I was amazed when I went to eat there at their response to being coeliacs: “of course we cater to it, we…

Bayte – Collingwood

I went to Bayte after hearing some great reviews and reading their Lebanese menu. Lebanese is one of my favourite cuisines and so I was super excited to try this restaurant. After explaining that I had coeliacs, I was unimpressed at their service – most wait staff that I trained with and have come across, go…

Ice Cream : Thread

Kicking off the blog is… Pidapipo Gelateria on Lygon St, Carlton. I want to start by saying that I live with a very low sugar diet but sometimes you need a little gelato! The service here is great, the range of gelato is huge but above all, they make their gelato the traditional way. Each…